Adopt Indigo the American Crow


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Indigo was hatched in 2007 and was kept illegally as a pet by a woman in Oregon. Not only is it illegal to keep a wild bird as a pet, but Indigo was also fed an improper diet and confined to a small cage. As a result, she developed permanent metabolic bone disease and has limited flying ability. She also is aggressive towards other birds, including other crows. Indigo was confiscated in 2008 and brought to the Cascades Raptor Center in Eugene, Oregon. She found her way to her forever home with us at Hawks Aloft the following spring. Indigo is the only one of our education birds who is an omnivore, and she eats a highly specialized diet to keep her healthy and to combat symptoms of her bone disease. Her favorite foods are mice, corn, and salmon from her caretaker’s dinner! Her name refers to her iridescent plumage, which collects and reflects the indigo-blue wavelengths on the visible spectrum.