Rescue & Rehabilitation

Have you found an injured raptor, roadrunner, raven or crow?

The Rescue Process

Raptor rescue was formally integrated into our mission in 2013, after we noticed a demonstrated need across the state for this type of service. It is perhaps the most direct way that we help birds of prey, responding to calls throughout New Mexico year-round. Our team of staff and volunteers guides callers, initiates rescues when necessary, and rehabilitates injured birds in order to re-release them to their natural habitat. Our team ensures that raptors, corvids, and roadrunners in need receive the best available care.

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Our team of experienced dispatchers and rescuers carefully assess the situation and decide whether a rescue must be initiated. If a rescue is required, a network of volunteers throughout the state is activated to capture the bird and transport it quickly and efficiently to care.

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Our licensed staff and team of collaborators and local veterinarians are dedicated to the health of raptor populations, even if it means treating them one at a time. Every bird that comes to us receives a thorough health examination and is treated with the latest technology.



Birds that fully recover from their injuries—a process which can take months—they are re-released into the natural environment in which they were found, or an environment where they are most likely to thrive, based on their species, behavior, and migration patterns.

Our Raptor Rescue Hotline

Hawks Aloft initiated Raptor Rescue and the statewide hotline in 2014, when New Mexico had rehabilitation centers in just five communities.  In just 6 short years, we have established partnership with rehabilitation centers as well as rescuers, triage specialists, falconers, and others throughout the state, building a network to ensure the best possible care for injured and orphaned raptors.

Our Win-Win Approach to Mitigation

Hawks Aloft works quickly, compassionately, and within existing legal guidelines, to meet the demands of situations where birds must be relocated. We are authorized by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to perform avian mitigations when necessary and that comply with the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

Hawks Aloft guidelines and policies regarding mitigations:

  • We undertake mitigation activities only when absolutely necessary, and conduct a site assessment to make informed recommendations in the best interest of both the birds and the people we work with. 
  • We possess state permits necessary for a variety of actions, enabling us to respond rapidly in situations that require it. 
  • We assist companies in obtaining the federal permits required for every mitigation.
  • We understand the legal requirements for mitigation activities, ensuring full compliance with state and federal laws with a primary interest in protecting and easing the stress of the birds involved. 

With Gratitude

We graciously thank the many organizations that support our research, education, rescue and rehabilitation work: the Avangrid Foundation, the Albuquerque Community Foundation, Intel, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, US Forest Service, Peabody Energy, PNM Resources Foundation and Golder Associates.  

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