Education & Outreach

Pricing 2022-23

Program Philosophy

We believe that our programs are unique in every aspect, from age specific curriculum to the many avian ambassadors available for in-person programs.

We strive to inspire students of all ages to build a relationship with the natural world. Our education programs support that by bringing wild, native bird species into the classroom allowing students to make tangible, visceral connections. This personal interaction with wild animals can inspire them to explore and protect the natural world. Live birds grab the attention of students as we present age-appropriate content through interactive and outdoor games, stories, booth activities, tours, and multimedia presentations.

Programs can be tailored to all grade levels. We customize each program to address topics requested by the organizer. Our educators typically bring two Avian Ambassadors to each session. Presentations are geared for up to 25 students to ensure that everyone has a personal and meaningful experience.

Outreach booths include up to four species of raptors, 2-4 educators and up to 6 hours/day per event.(Discounts are available for venues that allow sales of merchandise and raffle tickets)

Pricing includes two programs on the same day at the same location.

A third program at the same location on the same day is $100.

Single Visit Program (within 60 miles):

$325 + travel fee of $1.00/mile (Up to 25 students per presentation; 2 presentations on the same day at the same location)

Single Visit Program (beyond 60 miles):

$500 + travel fee of $1.00/mile

Virtual Program (delivered via Zoom or Google Meets):


Outreach Booth:

$550/day + $1.00/mile travel fee

Contact the Hawks Aloft office at 505-828-9455 for information on discounted pricing.

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